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STAY ACTIVE with Mr Rawlings

How many points can you earn in 20 minutes?

How many of the different tasks can you complete?

Remember to send me in your results!

Good Luck!

9 things to do with a ......


Over this week you will be taking on 9 challenges with different pieces of equipment. 


My extra challenge to you is - can you create one of your own '9 things to do with a' challenge. I will use the winning video as the challenge for all the school to use on Friday.

Be creative with what equipment you use. laugh

9 Fun Things to do with a ball 2

To continue our 9 things to do a with a piece equipment, try these new ideas with a ball.

9 things to do with a hula hoop

Can you trip these 9 things with a Hula Hoop? If you haven't got a hoop, maybe you could try and make your own challenge with a different piece of equipment?

9 things to do with a dance ribbon

The challenge today is 9 things to do with a dance ribbon. If you haven't got this piece of equipment, could you make one at home? Could you recycle materials to make one? Is there anything you could find at home that could do the same as a dance ribbon?

9 things to do with a football

Todays challenge is 9 things to do with a ball. See how you get on. Challenge yourself on your speed and see if you can create any of your own.