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Headteachers' Message - Our School Values and Vision


'Inspiring children to learn, enjoy and achieve.'

Dear Parents,


The pupils at Thomas Barnes Primary School deserve the best. We encourage all children to challenge themselves to be the best they can be. It is important to us that children develop an independent approach to learning by being cheerful, co-operative, curious, caring and confident - these are our school values.


We provide a creative curriculum in which children really enjoy developing and applying the essential basic skills for life-long learning. We help children to recognise the need for empathy and respect for others both within our school, our local area and in the wider world. Honesty and the courage to share views and opinions are fundamental to our curriculum.


At Thomas Barnes we have a simple vision. We are a school that prepares its pupils for the future by inspiring them to learn well, enjoy education and achieve more.  Pupils are taught to be resilient, confident and independent. They can deal with change and can overcome challenges. Through understanding and support we foster a love of learning in a safe, nurturing environment. We engage pupils by developing their self-esteem and by building trusting relationships. We always expect high standards in everything that our pupils do.


At Thomas Barnes children feel valued. We make every day exciting by providing a challenging and varied curriculum, theme days, trips and events. We love to see pupils make progress. We invest time and effort to help our pupils be happy and to reach their full potential.


We value the power of positivity. We believe in supporting everyone's emotional wellbeing and mental health, so that they can be listened to and are happy together.  We recognise the importance of working closely with parents and carers to help all children develop a confident approach to life, to have high self-esteem and to inspire them to have a life long love of learning.Through an open minded, respectful and collaborative approach, staff and Governors put the pupils at the centre of everything they do. 


We are available to speak with you before, during or after school. If you have any questions and queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Yours sincerely,

Mr C. Reilly and Mrs E. Tibbitts



Our School Values consist of the '5 Cs':


A Thomas Barnes child is:
CheerfulWe always smile, say hello and have a positive outlook.
CuriousWe ask questions and try to find out more.
Co-operativeWe work together, get on and resolve our differences.
CaringWe look out for each other and help those in need.
ConfidentWe aim to always join in and have a go.