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Price & Buckland School Uniform Information


The proposed changes to uniform will take effect for new starters from September 2020 but for existing pupils from September 2021.


School Uniform at Thomas Barnes Primary School


From September 2021 there will be some small changes to our uniform policy. We hope that by giving you plenty of notice, you may begin to replace old uniform with items from the new list gradually over the year. For new starters in September 2020, please purchase uniform in line with the guidance below. Whilst we would encourage pupils to wear items with the school logo, this is not compulsory.

Uniform can be purchased at SK School Uniforms and from Clothing4schools.  


Day Uniform

Black trousers or black pleated skirt or black pinafore dress

White polo shirt with school logo (logo not compulsory)

Green jumper or green cardigan with school logo (logo not compulsory)

In warmer weather, summer dress (green and white gingham) or black smart shorts please


P.E. Kit

New PE T-shirt with logo (football shirt material) or a plain white T-shirt

New PE half-zip overtop (fleece lining) or a plain black zip-up hoodie

Black jogging bottoms or shorts

White or black trainers



Hair beyond shoulder length must be tied back.

Hair accessories should be green and any bows of a modest size please.



Studs only. Please consider carefully when you choose to pierce ears as it may preclude children from taking part in PE lessons. Children must be able to remove earrings by themselves as staff are unable to help.


Any other items, such as watches or FitBits, may be worn but school does not take responsibility in the case of loss or damage.



We appreciate that uniform is costly and after the first year, we are proposing to run a Swap Shop where parents can donate outgrown uniform to be sold at a very discounted rate for school funds. Many thanks for your support.