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Tuesday 15th December - Christingles


Christingle Information (from Twinkl)


What is Christingle? 

A Christingle, meaning "Christ child" is an object used in Christianity during Advent. Typically, they are oranges, decorated with pieces of dried fruit or sweets and with a candle attached. 

You may be thinking: What does an orange have to do with Christianity? 

The Christingle is a symbolic object in the Christian faith, with each part having a different meaning. The orange symbolises the world, while the candle is used to represent Jesus who is the light of the world. The sweets symbolise all of God’s creations - although some people say the sweets symbolise the four seasons. A red ribbon is tied around the orange to represent God’s love for the world. 

Many churches hold special Christingle services before Christmas, usually on the last Sunday before Christmas Day or on Christmas Eve. 


What happens during a Christingle service? 

Christingle services are a time to reflect on the light that Jesus brought into the world. They often involve prayers, hymns and candlelight. During a Christingle service, each child is presented with or carries a Christingle. 

Christingle is a time where the community gathers together to help one another. During the service, parishioners collect money for the Children's Society to help support children facing violence, neglect or poverty.


The origins of Christingle

Bishop Johannes de Watteville first began the tradition of Christingle in 18th century Germany. 

He wanted to get the message of Advent across to children and remind them that Jesus brought light into the world, so he gave each child in his congregation a candle attached to an orange. 

In 1968, John Pensom introduced Christingle to Church of England services, upgrading the Christingle to include dried fruits or sweets and raising money for the Children’s Society during Christingle services.


How to make a Christingle 

To make a Christingle with your children, you will need: 


  • An orange
  • Some red ribbon or tape 
  • Four cocktail sticks
  • A candle
  • Tinfoil (to catch wax drips from the candle)
  • Some dried fruits or sweets


First, take an orange and tie your red ribbon around the middle. Next, place a small amount of foil on the top of the orange before sticking your candle into the orange. 

Now, you can add your sweets! Take one of your cocktail sticks and add a piece of fruit or a sweet onto it, then stick it into your orange. Repeat this three more times so you have four sweets or pieces of fruit on your orange, for the four seasons. 

If you’re attending a Christingle service, children will walk to the front of the congregation and all of the candles will be lit.