School Logo

School Values


'Inspiring children to learn, enjoy and achieve.'

Our Vision:


Building a caring community with resilient learners who are well behaved, engaged and have a thirst for learning.


Our Values:


  1. A safe environment which encourages discovery
  2. A team working together for a small and unique community
  3. A community that cares and nurtures with respect for all


At Thomas Barnes we want all our pupils to achieve the highest they can in a happy, safe and nurturing environment supported by the most effective, high quality team of professionals who are led with vigour and determination. 

We believe that all children who become pupils at Thomas Barnes deserve the best and our aim is to help them succeed by reaching their potential in every area of school life - academic, social, personal, physical and spiritual. Our broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum will meet the individual needs of each pupil. We ask parents to support us with this by ensuring their children attend school every day and avoid taking holidays during term time as this can have a detrimental effect on a child a child's social and academic progress. 

Children become increasingly confident and independent learners as they develop a positive attitude towards themselves, the school and the wider community.

The school seeks to develop a partnership between pupils, staff, parents and governors which is based on mutual respect. 

At Thomas Barnes, we value the needs of all learners and display a positive view towards pupils with dyslexia. We have a management structure and procedures within the school which provide support with regard to issues of dyslexia. We have a systematic and supportive approach to continuing professional development for all staff focusing on dyslexia. We have appropriate levels of provision and resources which are deployed effectively. We have effective procedures for early identification, assessment and intervention procedures. We value partnership with parents and pupils.

School Information is shared directly with the NHS Healthcare Trust, Local Authority, Primary Care Trust, Social Services, Ofsted and Examination Boards.


Promoting the Welfare of Children and Young People

We all have a duty to work with other agencies to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people. This responsibility is shared by:

  •  The police
  •  Health services
  •  Maintained and non-maintained schools
  •  County council services
  •  Colleges of further education where there are students under the age of 18 and
  •  The wider community