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Here you will find important information about our learning and how you can help your child.


The weekly spelling homework will be uploaded onto this page every week. In addition, the children can learn the spelling rules on Purple Mash, which they will be familiar with. 


You will also find information to help you to help your child with reading and a summary of our termly learning journeys so please take a look. 


Our P.E. day will be every Tuesday so please ensure that children come dressed in P.E. kits that are appropriate for the weather.


Should you have any questions, email and I will reply to you as soon as possible. 


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Mrs Robinson








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2.3.21 – Class 4 Maths

Imagine that you’ve just turned up at Tamworth train station and you need to get somewhere fast but all of the timetables are flashing up on the screen and your mind is in a muddle - where do you start?

Click the links to find out how to read timetables and calculate time intervals on them and you’ll be able to organise your travel in the future!

How to read timetables

Calculating time intervals on a timetable

2.3.21 - Year 5 Guided Reading

CGP Reading Comprehension book - pages 20 and 21


2.3.21 - Year 6 Guided Reading

CGP Reading Comprehension book - pages 26 and 27


2.3.21 - Year 5 English

CGP SPaG book - pages 74 and 75 - 'shun' sound.


2.3.21 - Year 6 English

CGP SPaG book - pages 74 and 75 - 'shus' sound



2.3.21 – Class 4 – Discovery


1) Why are rivers so historically important? Click the link to find out!


2) Complete the mapping activities.


3) Compare this map with last week’s location of cities and see if you can make connections between the role rivers played in the Industrial Revolution and the expansion of these cities.

1.3.21 - C4 welcome video

1.3.21 - C4 Maths

1.3.21 - Year 5 Maths

1.3.21 - Year 6 Maths

1.3.21 - C4 English

1.3.21 - C4 - English

This tree contains a portal – a doorway to another world.


Answer these questions in your head.

What do you think has caused the destruction all around the tree?

Why has this one tree survived?

If you walked through the portal, what would happen to you? What would you see?

If this was a portal to another world, would you go through it or stay on Earth, even if you had no idea of what could happen?


The tree was all that remained. A solitary figure, it stood there in defiance of the destruction surrounding it. The bark had begun to peel away, one piece at a time, joining the wreckage of other trees that lay scattered across the scorched earth.

This tree was different to the other trees: it contained magic; it contained hope…

Choose a task:

  1. Continue the story.
  2. Write a detailed description of the landscape.
  3. Write a detailed description of what you might see as you step into the portal and out into a different, more hopeful world.

Year 5 – Make sure that your CL and FS are correct and try to use dashes to add extra information.

Year 6 – Make sure that you include different types of punctuation and powerful vocabulary please.

26.2.21 - C4 Welcome video

26.2.21 - C4 Maths

26.2.21 - Year 5 English

26.2.21 - Year 6 English

26.2.21 - C4 Guided Reading Chapter 14

26.2.21 - C4 Guided Reading - Chapter 15

26.2.21 – C4 - PSHE

We’re spending more time at home at the moment but do you know how to stay safe in your homes? Click the link to find out how to stay safe.


Because we’re all walking to keep fit, let’s find out how to stay safe whilst doing so! Click the link.

26.2.21 - C4 - P.E.

This afternoon, I would like you to choose some activities from

Mr Rawlings's 'Stay Active' section. If you have the opportunity to go for a walk, please do this too. smiley

25.2.21 - C4 welcome video

25.2.21 - C4 Maths

25.2.21 – C4 – Maths

Today we are continuing our work on line graphs. Click the link to watch the video explaining how to interpret line graphs and complete the activities.

Complete this Kahoot quiz on line graphs!

Include your real name please.

Game PIN: 04638044

25.2.21 - C4 English

25.2.21 - C4 - Guided Reading


1) Find a quiet space somewhere and enjoy reading a book of your choice for 20 minutes. 

2) Summarise what has happened in the book that you chose to read or, if it's a non-fiction book, share a few fun facts with me!

25.2.21 – C4 - English

Need inspiration? Then click the link to watch Joseph Coelho read his own nonsense poem.

25.2.21 - C4 - Discovery


How many British cities can you name that were important during the Industrial Revolution? 

Can you locate them on a map? That is your task today!

Use Google Maps to help you or an image of a map of the United Kingdom. Happy searching. smiley

VIPERS questions to ask your children while they read to you.

Ultimate tables - Practise your tables facts using this sheet!