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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!

Teacher: Miss Britnell     Teaching Assistant: Mrs Melhuish

Welcome to our class page. There is lots of useful information here about our class, I hope you find it useful! If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email the school office at


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Class 3 - Handwriting video

Extra handwriting practice!


Extra Practice of bus stop method with the AMAZING Mrs Robinson.

Mrs Robinson has kindly made some videos for you to help you with bus stop method.

Find some time in the week to watch them please

Year 3 division methods - Mrs Robinson

Year 4 division methods - Mrs Robinson

Tuesday 2nd March

Class 3 - Introduction - 02.03.2021

Class 3 - Tuesday 2nd - English Video

Class 3 - Chapter 14 and 15 Charlie and the chocolate factory


Class 3 Geography 02 03 2021

Geography Resource

How Chocolate is Made | Chocolate Factory Field Trip | KidVision Pre-K

Miss Penny and the KidVision Kids go to Exquisito Chocolates to find out how chocolate is made. They observe and examine cacao trees, fruit pods and beans. T...

PSHE lesson

Go through PowerPoint and then create a card/poem to thank all the NHS workers for all the hard work they have done and continue to do.


Monday 1st March

Class 3 - introduction- 01.03.2021

Class 3 - Monday 1st - English video

Complete you spelling on the worksheet or have a go on purple mash 

or you could do both which would be AMAZING!


Class 3 - Monday 1st - Art Video

Read the fact sheet and note down any important information, there are some tricky words so you might want to look them up and see what they mean.

Friday 26th February

Class 3 - introduction - 26.02.2021

Class 3 - 26.02.2021 - English

Guided Reading:

Reading for pleasure (and/or) SPaG (spelling punctuation and grammar) booklet. Next two pages of the booklet.

Have fun!

Class 3 - 26.02.2021 - Maths



Computing today - Look at your alerts if you don't have an alert follow these instructions

Home - Computing - 2code - Tick-Tock clock challenge 

Then Free code gibbon or any other purple mash activity

Thursday 25th February

Class 3 - 25.02.2021 - introduction

Class 3 - 25.02.2021 - English

Guided Reading

Page 7 of your comprehension book. 

Answer questions in full sentences and then check your answers with the sheets at the top of our class page.

Class 3 - 25.02.2021 - Mathematics

Class 3 - 25.02.2021 - Music

Class 4's chocolate song

P.E -

Get active class 3! 

Look at Mr Rawlings active page, go for a walk or a bike ride, do a work out (Joe Wicks) 

Have fun!

Wednesday 24th February

Class 3 24 02 2021 Introduction

Class 3 - 24.02.2021 - English

English -

Using the picture you drew yesterday of your Loompaland you are going to create some words to describe it.

Create words like:

Crackbenders: trees which catch birds in mid flight

Instead of clouds, glugpoppers hang precariously in the orange sky

Thudscramblers chase up and down the branches of screechstranglers, their glowing pincers at the ready.

Class 3 - 24.02.2021 - Maths -Main

Maths video x 6 (strategy)

Maths video 2 digit x 2 digit (strategy)


Watch main video and then complete worksheet.

PowerPoint and other videos are available for you to look at if you need more help.

Have fun!

Story time

Class 3 Story time The Beast of Buckingham Palace

Tuesday 23rd February

Class 3 23 02 2021 Introduction

Class 3 - 23.02.2021 - English

English PowerPoint

Chapter 12 and 13 Charlie and the chocolate factory

Charlie and the Chocolate factory chapters

Class 3 - 23.02.2021 - Maths

Maths strategy

Class 3 - Afternoon activity - 23 02 2021

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Loompa Land

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.

Class 3 - French - Lesson 6

Monday 22nd February

Class 3 - Introduction - 22.02.2021

Class 3 - 22.02.2021 - English

English worksheet

English - PowerPoint

Class 3 - 22.02.2021 - Maths

Class 3 - Maths video multiplication x 3

Class 3 - History of Cadbury - 22.02.2021

History PowerPoint

Take notes from the PowerPoint and then create a timeline about Cadbury's History

R.E lesson -

Read the story

Then draw a picture of your and your inner light - like on the first page of the book.


Weekly updates

Look at some of our brilliant art work. Class three have recreated photos the children took on our walk around Hopwas!

Helpful documents or website