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Miss Allister and Mrs Gaffiney would like to welcome you to our class page. Please find lots of information about the subjects that we cover, the lessons we teach each week and the learning we would love to see you engaging in at home. There might also be some photos and games to play. Have fun exploring...

Please send across any home learning that the children complete to the class two email address:

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10.15am Question and Answer

(for if you get stuck and need some help!)

2pm Review of the Day - everyone welcome to catch up, review the learning and share any news!

If you are finding it tricky, please email our class account and we will try our best to help you to join us. 

Home Learning Timetable January 2021

Do you need help with clear letter shapes? Have a look at our letter rhymes!

Monday 25th January

25.1.20 year 1 maths

Year 1 maths questions

25.1.21 year 2 maths

year 2 maths questions

Class 2 ENGLISH Monday 25th January

This week we will be writing a description of our favourite meals. TODAY we get creative and make it!

Phonics for Year 1 25 1 2021 Reading the OE (oa) sound

Year 1 Phonics Part 2 - Writing the OE sound

Year 2 reading

Have a go at completing page 10 of your comprehension book "Amy Johnson".

Friday 22nd January


Class 2 MATHS Friday 22nd January

Start the lesson with some cool counting forwards and backwards in 1s, 2s, 10s and 5s followed by some trickier number sequencing work!

Worksheets for Friday's maths (if you can't print just write out the sequences!)

Class 2 ENGLISH Friday 22nd January

Will you be my guinea pigs??This is my first attempt at trying with the tech we have to appear on screen along with the Powerpoint. I'm sorry that the audio doesn't always match the visuals. I will try and solve this but hopefully it is still watchable and most importantly enjoyable. let me know what you think...

Phonics for Year 1 22 1 2021 ew oo

Join me in practising saying and reading EW when it makes an 'oo' sound.

Phonics for Year 1 Part 2: Writing the EW sound

YEAR 2 READING Friday 22nd January

Read p9 of your CGP book 'The Enchanted Wood' and answer the questions.

Class 2 ICT Following Instructions

You will need a pencil, paper and some colouring pens for today's lesson.



Our PE day is on a Wednesday. Please remember to come in your Thomas Barnes PE kit and have all items labelled.



Reading is a really important skill, especially for young children, as it is the foundation for so many other aspects of learning. Please read with your child every night for at least 5 minutes to help them to read fluently and accurately. Each Friday, Mrs Gaffiney will count how many times your child has read by checking the signatures in their diaries. This is turned into merits, and your child can earn up to 5 extra merits per week by reading at home. Your child has the opportunity to change their book each day in school.



Each week your child will bring home new spellings in their purple books to learn. The book will come home each Friday and they must be returned to school the following Friday. Use the 'Making Spellings Memorable' document to help you find fun and different ways to practice the spellings.



Each day, the children have the opportunity to earn merit points in class. It can be through good work, being kind and helpful, being polite or achieving the Star of the Day. These merit points are added up each term by the staff and can be spent by the children on prizes or fun activities at the end of each term. The children will be informed when it is time to spend their points.

If you have any questions for Miss Allister or Mrs Gaffiney, please email the office at


Please be aware that Miss Allister is available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Gaffiney is available Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.


Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To