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Teacher-Miss Green     Teaching Assistant-Mrs Swindell

Welcome to our class page. There is lots of useful information here about our class, I hope you find it useful! If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email the school office at





Wednesday 21st July


Happy last day everyone!!

Today is about having fun, saying goodbye to this year and hello to the coming year! Mrs Gaffiney and I are super excited to teach you all next year, we absolutely can't wait! Have a go at some of today's activities and don't forget to join everyone online for the special celebration today:



Alien Hunt

Have fun hunting for the aliens in your garden and read their names using your incredible phonics skills!

Reception Memories

It's been a strange old year, and Miss Green has really missed you all over the last week.

It would be lovely if you could draw about your favourite memories of being in her class so that

she can cherish all of your wonderful moments together. If you send them into the class one email, I will make sure that she gets them all. She would be ever so grateful!



The children in school will be having a fun afternoon today, so we didn't want you guys at home to miss out! Play games, eat ice cream, splash in the pool, build with your lego, draw pictures and chill with your grown ups - below are some activities for you to do if you are struggling for ideas!!



Tuesday 20th July

Good morning class 2, 

Today's line up includes a LIVE LESSON at 9:15am (link in email) where all of our new class will be together for some learning with Mrs Gaffiney. Today's CATCH UP CHAT will again be with the new year 2 children and it will be at 2:30pm


Don't worry if you can't make the live sessions, the work will be posted on the website for you to have a go at in your own time.

English and Music

Tuesday NEW Class 2 Spacesong Song and Sounds

This is the same content as the morning LIVE LESSON just in case anyone cannot join us. Thank you :)


Have a go at today's practical maths activities to get you used to a maths lesson in class 2!

Maths warm up

You will need a piece of paper, a felt tip pen and some scissors!

Maths main task

Use your number cards to order from smallest to biggest.


Have a go at a self portrait and send it in to us. Keep it until September and bring it into school on your first day back so that we can put it on display! Grab a pencil and a piece of paper and follow my step by step video.

Self portrait

Grab a pencil and draw along!

Finished portrait

Class 2 myON Online Reading Website: An introduction

myON is a website that we have signed up to where Thomas Barnes pupils get FREE access to thousands of online books. Watch the video below to see how you can log on, get reading and earn some points!


Monday 19th July

Good morning brand new class 2, I hope you had a SUPER weekend in the sunshine! Miss Allister is very achy this morning as she had a bit too much fun on the water slide in the garden!!


Today's line up is a little bit different to last week, there are some activities on the webpage, but we are also having a LIVE LESSON at 10:40am (link in email) where all of our new class will be together for some learning. Today's CATCH UP CHAT will also be with the new year 2 children and it will be at 2:30pm.


Don't worry if you can't make the live sessions, the work will be posted on the website for you to have a go at in your own time.

All about me

We are ahead of the game class 1, last week we made a poster all about ourselves, so today, watch this video all about Mrs Gaffiney, and then see if you can make a poster all about Mrs Gaffiney and Miss Allister to see if you can remember what we LOVE!!

10 Questions with Mrs Gaffiney

Find out more about Mrs Gaffiney as she answers 10 questions about herself.

How would you answer the questions? Tell us all about yourself.

All about my teachers template

A New Class - Being brave

This will be today's live lesson, if you can't make the live session, read the story below with a grown up about Jake's first day, and have a go at today's activity!

Jake's First Day

Being brave worksheet

Aliens Love Underpants!

Listen along to the story and then have a go at designing your own underpants to reflect you! You can also log in to purple mash for an extra task to design an alien on 2paint!

Be ready to share them in the class chat later on!

Aliens love underpants


Friday 16th July 2021

It's FRIDAY!! Let's wake up...and shake up with Jump Start Jonny!

Kids Dance and Exercise Video | Jump Start Jonny | Freeze

WHOOOPA! Get ready to FREEZE! If you want to keep the party going, then go to to get more FREE workouts!



Join in with the phase 3 sound recap and then have a go at today's activity!!

Moving on up!

PE with Mr Rawlings

Follow the link to Mr Rawlings active page and have a go at some of the 9 things to do with a... activities!

Don't forget to send us some videos!


Thursday 15th July 2021



Follow along with the phase 3 sounds and then have a go at today's reading task.


15 07 21 writing

Moving on up!

Story time with Mrs Swindell

I think Mrs Swindell's camera is playing tricks on her as it looks like the story is back to front.

Luckily Mrs Swindell is such a good story teller that you won't need to read the words and you can just enjoy the pictures!!

Around the World with Max and Lemon


Wednesday 14th July


Phonics and reading

Join in with Miss Allister's phase 3 sounds and then have a go at today's reading activity


Listen to Miss Allister's seaside sentence and then have a go at your very own!

Seaside writing sheet

Moving on up!

Find out all about Miss Allister and then tell me a bit about you ready for your new class!!

Learn to draw!

Grab a pencil and some paper and draw along with me step by step!

Draw a butterfly

Draw a cat

Draw a dog

Draw a penguin


Tuesday 13th July

Maths learning

Listen to the powerpoint to find out what we are doing for maths today

Phonics Learning

Join in with Miss Allister's phase 3 phonic sounds and then have a go at today's activity

Science Learning

Step 2: Watch my investigation and then carry out your own!


Practise your phonics with Miss Green

Thank you TESCO for our forest school grant, Class 1 are loving their new puddle suits!

Exploring our local area, Hopwas woods!

We have been learning about Diwali!

Outdoor learning is a huge part of our curriculum, here are some pictures of us exploring our fantastic outdoor learning space and forest school!

What are we learning this half term?


We have excellent links with our local community, here are some images from our latest visit to Lane House Care Home!

Sound pronunciation